Ardennes, Belgium, July 2010

A short break in a pretty part of Belgium, just me and Dad on his last trip abroad.
We travelled out on 9 July, staying at the Ibis Hotel in Namur for 3 nights and returning to England on Monday 12th.


Photo Gallery

(1) The market square in Mariembourg (Saturday).
(2) The church on the edge of the square.
(3) Dad in his jungle hat having a coffee near the station at Mariembourg.
(4) Treignes, the last stop on our steam train trip (a railway museum is located here).
(5) The locomotive which hauled our 4 or 5 carriages from Mariembourg.
(6) A 1942 German DB steam loco, one of several impressive engines at Treignes.
(7) The attractive Hotel de Ville at Dinant (Sunday).
(8) The River Meuse at Dinant (we took a river trip in a boat).
(9) A famous pinnacle from which a Belgian royal person who liked climbing fell to his demise (apologies for my lack of historical knowledge) - note a road has been cut right behind the rock.
(10) The magnificent Gothic church below the citadel at Dinant. We had a coffee nearby on a beautiful sunny day.
(11) The Meuse at Dinant, north of the road bridge.
(12) One of the rooms at the chateau we visited on Sunday (Celles Veves).
(13) Another chateau viewable from the one we visited (actually it was prettier than ours).
(14) Another image from Mariembourg where several old steam and diesel locomotives are based.

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