Ladis (Austria) - June 2012

Ramblers Holidays - a week of walking based at Ladis in the upper Inn valley of the Tirol.


Photo Gallery

(1) Looking down at the village of Ladis (Day 1)
(2) Typical scene of flowers on the slopes (Day 1)
(3) Heading back at the end of the day's walk (Day 1)
(4) The group stopping for a coffee at the Aifneralm hut 6,500 feet up (Day 2)
(5) View from the restaurant at Naturparkhaus looking down into Inn valley (day 2)
(6) The viewing point at Gacher Blick with the village of Fliess in the valley (D2)
(7) The privately owned castle on the hill overlooking the pond at Ladis village on our rest day
(Day 3 on Wed 13 June)
(8) The cable car from Fiss goes up to Möseralm, a popular site for recreation and skiing.
From here I and several other intrepid adrenalin junkies hurtled down to Fiss using the more exciting toboggan option.
(9) A typical style Austrian decorated building in Ladis.
(10) A typical alpine view from Ladis.
(11) This was the view from my hotel balcony. Yes!
(12) The circular walk (13km) on day 4 was breathtaking - up to Frudigerkopf.
Here near the start we look down on the wide valley called Pfundser Tschey
(13) A strange sculpture forming a ring round a spring (D4)
(14) A superb 360 degree view was available on the summit of Frudigerkopf at 7,050 feet.
(15) One of several peaks seen from the Frudigerkopf - we could see Italy and Switzerland too.
(16) Walking down to our destination of the Gasthof Berghof (for a cool Gösser beer and a piece of cake) via the bright green flat bottomed valley we looked down upon earlier in the day.
(17) An encounter with a small cow earlier on! (Day 5)
(18) Southwest of Nauders is this mountain called Piz Lad, which is where Austria meets Switzerland and Italy.
(19) Schwartzsee, a glacial lake (Day 6)
(20) Another typical view on the day.
(21) Below: A pretty view to the west from Kleinmutzkopf near the top of the chair lift.
(22) Back down on the chairlift to the starting point at the town of Nauders. (Friday, Day 6)

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