A short break in Germany - October 2003

A busy weekend, with trips to Cochem (castle) , Alken (wine-tasting), a Rhine cruise (Boppard-St Goar) and Rhudesheim (pottering about).


Photo Gallery

24/10/2003 (Friday)

A long weekend break staying at Burgen, near the Mosel river, which joins the Rhine at Koblenz further north.
There were 42 of us on the coach, from all over England.

25/10/2003 (Saturday)
Today I decided to pay a visit to Cochem Castle, high abover the Moselle River.

I didn't see anyone else from our party there, I imagine most of them would be down in the town having a coffee.

I joined a guided tour of the castle, during which I asked a question in English, whereupon a German man nearby exclaimed loudly "An English Gentleman!".
That little thing made my day.
The Mosel river, seen from Cochem Castle.
The Moselle looking east from the castle ramparts.
Another view from the castle of the town of Cochem down below.
26/10/2003 (Sunday)
Today we're on a trip on the Rhine - here's our cruise boat after we alighted at St Goarshausen.

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