Sorrento - Nov 2004

A Ramblers walking and sightseeing holiday based at Vico Equense near Sorrento, Italy.


Photo Gallery

1. The town of Vico Equense with its limestone cliffs.
2. One of the ruins to be found at Pompei.
3. A street in Ercolano, another town destroyed by Pompei's eruption in 79 AD.
4. An amphitheatre at Pompei.
5. Me at the top of Vesivius.
Not a lot going on with this particular Italian volcano, but see my holiday in September 2018 (14 years after this) for some real magma action!
6. The cathedral at Amalfi, one of Italy's prettiest towns.
7. The steep ascent to Ravello from Amalfi.

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