Return to Mauritius, a trip with Voy and Sanjay to celebrate a family occasion, October 2019

A 13 day holiday back on the island again after over two years.

This time the three of us were determined to spend time exploring different parts of the island, time we didn't have back in 2017 when Voy and Sanjay came here to be married.

A busy schedule saw us pay two visits to the capital, Port Louis, a day out in the Ebony Forest in the south west with spectacular views and a climb of 140m to the top of a small mountain. There was an exciting day's fishing from a small boat along with a lunch break on a tiny desert island.

Each evening we tried a different restaurant around the northwest and north of the island.

I stayed at the 5 star Baystone Boutique Hotel on the western side of Grande Bay.
In the hotel I had opportunities to practice my French, which, happily, I have not forgotten.
I did get a chance to do a bit of kayaking in the sea, a good way to test my skills in strongish winds and currents.

In summary, it was a pleasant, unhurried holiday, meeting many members of Sanjay's extended family and in the process experiencing some real Mauritian hospitality.


[Red #]DateActivitiesPhotosMovies
(1)Tues 15 OctArrived from Gatwick on BA Boeing 777, taxi to hotel up north.
(1)Weds 16 OctBoat across bay to shopping centre.
(2)Thur 17 OctDrive down to Pamplemousse. Lunch at restaurant, walk around the Botanical
(3)Fri 18 OctBus trip down to Port Louis. Museum & market. Meeting with Sanjay's
(6)Sat 19 OctBrunch in Grand Bay, swim at Mon Choisy beach. Dinner at Sachin & Orla's house in
(4)Sun 20 OctFamily memorial event in Triolet (Sachin & Orla's house again) with a Hindu religious ceremony, then a meal. Many family members attended.
(5)Mon 21 OctDrive down to Black River Gorges National Park. Jeep ride and guide. Picnic then climb of Piton Canot, visit to Alexandra Falls & Grande
Tues 22 OctKayaking and a swim from beach at my hotel. Shopping. Dinner at Vale with
(3)Weds 23 OctWalked around Cannoniers Point. To Port Louis, walk to top of Signal Hill (328m), meal at S's dad's
(7)Thur 24 OctDrive to Grande Gaube. Day fishing from a small boat and lunch on a desert island. Cooked and ate fish at a relative's house with 5
(1)Fri 25 OctChillout morning, afternoon swim at nearby gym, dinner with Voy &
(8)Sat 26 OctDrive to Eureka Colonial House. Explored four waterfalls. Lunch at Bagatelle shopping complex and a Flying Dodo
(4)Sun 27 OctQuiet day, evening went to Triolet to celebrate Diwali (ceremony of light). Fireworks, cakes &
(9)Mon 28 OctEarly start, taxi to airport, flight home, again on British Airways 777. Takeaway and stayed with V&S in Penge. Home Tuesday.