Syria and Jordan - May/June 2008

Exodus 2 week sightseeing holiday, travelling by coach through both countries.
Some years after my week in Syria, the civil war there has resulted in devastation to sites like Palmyra and the city of Aleppo.


Photo Gallery

(1) Most of our group, with our Syrian guide, Ayman (centre).
(2) The Roman ampitheatre at Palmyra, Syria.
(3) The temple of Bel at Palmyra.
(4) The Saracen citadel at Aleppo, Syria's second largest city.
(5) The church of Saint Simon, northwest of Aleppo.
(6) The vast Crusader castle of Krak de Chevalier.
(7) The Omayad mosque in old Damascus.
(8) The interior of the Al Hijaz railway station, soon to be converted into a shopping centre.
(9) The exterior of the Al Hijaz station, featuring an old locomotive.
(10) The ampitheatre at Jerash as we leave Syria and enter Jordan.
(11) Floating on the Dead Sea with the West Bank in the distance.
(12) Spectacular gorge on the King's Highway between Amman and Petra.
(13) Me with my horse (approaching Petra).
(14) The iconic facade of the treasury.
(15) The one you don't see as much, the monastery.
(16) Me amongst the scenery at Petra.
(17) Wadi Rum, the natural bridge - a group of us up there.
(18) Wadi Rum - our overnight camp site dwarfed by the mountains.
(19) The sand dune we climbed - that was HARD work.
(20) Rik of Arabia leading the Arab armies against the Tellytubbies.
(21) Wadi Rum has international protected status, it is a super place, sleeping out under the stars was an amazing experience.
(22) A view of Roman ruins at Amman. Next day homeward bound.

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