Minster Way, East and North Yorkshire, May 2018

A four day, 50 mile walk from Beverley to York with Kevin and his brother-in-law Andy.
At the end of Day 1 we stayed at the Wolds Village complex, just north of Bainton.
On Days 2 and 3 we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express, northeast of York.


Photo Gallery

Day 1 (Tuesday 8th May) - Beverley to Wolds Village: 15.5 miles.
1. The three of us pose for a picture at the start of the trek at the doors of Beverley Minster.
2. We approach the imposing Church of St Leonard at Scorborough, about 7 miles walk from Beverley.
3. Crossing fields towards the large village of Lockington.
4. We pass near Kilnwick Church, about 10 miles along the Way.
Day 2 (Wednesday 9th May) - Wolds Village to Bishop Wilton: 16 miles.
5. The village pond including mallards at North Dalton (16 miles).
6. The attractive Blanch Farm, near Huggate (19 miles).
7. We pass the head of Well Dale, a typical Wolds valley, near Cobdale Cottage (22 miles).
8. We head down the valley side to the village of Millington.
9. The pictoresque Whitekeld Dale which we cross on the way to Great Givendale (26 miles).
10. The little church called St. Ethelburga's, which I've seen on a previous occasion.
11. The Fleece Inn at Bishop Wilton, unfortunately not open when we arrived. We got a taxi to our hotel in York from this spot.
Day 3 (Thursday 10th May) - Bishop Wilton to Gipsey Wood Farm: 14.7 miles.
12. We walk along the pleasant 3 mile stretch of the River Derwent between Stamford Bridge and Kexby.
13. Part of the bovine community just north of Kexby before we swing west (39 miles).
Day 4 (Friday 11th May) - Gipsey Wood Farm to York Minster: 8.3 miles.
14. We passed round the perimeter of Fulford Golf Course (46 miles).
15. The Millenium Bridge south of York. Not far to go until the end of our epic trek.
16. Skeldergate Bridge, now the end is in sight.
17. We made it! York Minster, 50 and a half miles of tough walking (with blisters) after leaving Beverley.

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