Gréoux Les Bains, Provence, France - April 2016

HF Holidays- a week of guided walking in the region of the Verdon Gorges in Provence.


Photo Gallery

(1) Our walk on Sunday was a 9 miles route taking us to high ground above Gréoux Les Bains (Day 1).
(2) A typical signpost with useful pointers to various destinations on the route (Day 1).
(3) The view from the highest point towards the town of Gréoux Les Bains, with its unspectacular castle (which is not at all easy to spot in the photo).
(4) On Monday we started the 8 mile walk at the town of Forcalquier with its busy market.
The climb took us past rich agricultural scenery to the plateau of Les Mourres (Day 2).
(5) The harder walks group was typically composed of about 8 people plus one of the leaders, Jim or Alastair.
(6) Limestone columns weathered over time by water and wind erosion.
Incidentally, on this walk the group became split in two towards the end. That's another long story. (Day 2).
(7) The walk on Tuesday was a climb to a viewpoint at La Colle from where we could see Moustiers and the large lake which we see more of the following day.
(8) I thought I'd include this picture for its vibrant colours.
(9) The view looking north from the ridge with Lac De Sainte Croix in the distance.
Many mountains and hills could be seen from the viewing point (Day 3).
(10) Wednesday was our free day, so Maralyn and John and I took a bus to Aix-En-Provence for a wander round.
This pretty town was founded by the Romans in 123 BC. In this photo you can see the stained glass window in the Cathedral of Saint Sauveur.
(11) The square near the cathedral where I had lunch. Note the distinctively pruned plane trees common in towns and cities across France.
(12) The Hotel De Ville completed in 1670 (Day 4).
(13) The church of Saint Jean De Malte. After this we headed back to the bus station.
(14) On Thursday the hard walk was 7 miles in length and took in ridges east of Moustiers St Marie.
(15) A view over the large lake south of the village of Moustiers.
(16) Typical limestone cliffs and crags which dominate the local area.
(17) The views get even better as we gained altitude.
(18) After a long descent we come out above the tourist village of Moustier St Marie, claimed as one of the prettiest in France. I had a beer and a wander round before the coach picked us up.
(19) The final day's walk on the Friday was along and above the spectacular lower gorges of Verdon.
This stretch starts at the road bridge just to the west of the village of Quinson from where I took this photo) (Day 6).
(20) Limestone cliffs rise above the cold, gently flowing river.
(21) Another nice view, you can see how tranquil the water is by the reflections on its surface.
(22) Heading away from the river we walked on heading for the chapel of Sainte Maxime at which we had lunch.
(23) Another view of the grey and red limestone formations common to the area.
(24) Here we had a group photo as we headed back east along the gorge.
John, John, Mr X, Sue, Sandy, Paul, me and Maralyn.
(25) A final fond farewell to the Gorge as we return to Quinson.
(26) The bar and restaurant close to the bridge had this wild boar's head looking at us from the wall.
Can't really think of anything witty to say but it was a great holiday!

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