Dorgali, Eastern Sardinia

A group walking and sightseeing holiday with Exodus.


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Walk 1: [Monte Tului, near Dorgali]
Just outside of Dorgali we walk through a hand made tunnel through a ridge to access the rear of the mountain we are going to climb. It is Monte Tului, which has a huge transmitter on its summit.
(2) After the tunnel we get a view of Cala Gonone, a coastal town we will see a lot of during the week.
(3) At the summit we had lunch in a seating area near the manned fire watch station. There are spectacular views to the north. The town of Dorgali is down there at the centre right.
(4) Looking west to the hills and mountains we will be near on our second and third walks.
(5) Looking back down the tunnel we walked through earlier.
(6) Having returned to Dorgali, the transmission mast on Monte Tului is clearly visible.
(7) Looking north over the rooftops of Dorgali where we stayed at the Hotel S'Adde. It is a small town of about 9000 inhabitants, working mainly in wine production and tourism.
(8) Walk 2: [Gorropu Gorge]
Monday's walk started at a cafe near the bridge on the Flumineddu river. After a while we approached the towering entrance to the gorge.
(9) The first part of the canyon waymarked in green was quite wide with huge boulders scattered on the bottom.
(10) Some of us making our way towards the narrower part of the gorge.
(11) A nice view with the sunshine on the mountains above the shaded canyon.
(12) Another field of huge limestone boulders as we pass through the harder 'yellow' zone where it became harder to pass and more climbing and scrambling was needed.
(13) A few of us reached the 'red' zone where we stopped for lunch. Only experienced climbers would be expected to proceed beyond this point.
(14) On our way back down the chasm, the sheer scale of the pastel shaded cliffs can be seen with the group of people at the bottom.
(15) Away from the canyon and we headed back to the place we started from.
(16) The rocky valley of the Flumineddu river.
(17) I had a brief paddle before joining the others for we a cool beer or two at the cafe.
(18) The minibus took us first to the Giants Tomb, built during the bronze age by the Nuragic civilisation, around 4000 years ago.
(19) We next visited the site of Serra Orrios, a Nuragic village with circular stone huts, a temple and other monuments.
(20) We had a barbequed chicken lunch at the beach at Cala Orsala. Some of us had a swim afterwards.
(21) The beach was perfect, the weather - warm sunshine and a gentle breeze.
(22) On the Wednesday I went down on the local bus to Cala Gonone. I visited the Aquarium with the rude receptionist and then joined some of the others at a cafe near the sea front for beer and lunch.
(23) Walk 3: [Tiscali, Monte Corrasi]
The third walking day took us back to the riverside cafe we were at before, but this time we took a different direction towards the famous village of Tiscali.
(24) The group stops for a rest before we begin the climb to Monte corrasi.
(25) We reached Tiscali and explored around it. This was an ancient village built within a collapsed limestone gallery. In this photo the natural window gives a view outside.
(26) Little is left of the stone village but we explore where it used to be.
(27) After lunch we head out of the crater and onto some spectacular limestone country.
(28) One of the highlights of the walk was an ascent to a narrow slit between two limestone monoliths and the descent afterwards seen in this photo.
(29) We descend onto a broad flat valley as seen from this view.
(30) The last part of the day was a trip to see the karstic springs of Su Cologone. At this place, vast quantities of crystal clear water emerge from underground natural reservoirs.
(31) Walk 4: [Cala Luna to Cala Gonone]
Today we're south down the coast on a boat to begin our last walk. We boarded at Cala Gonone harbour.
(32) Power full on and we're doing a good few knots.
(33) There are a lot of these coastal caves gouged out of the limestone by the waves.
(34) We disembark on the sandy beach at Cala Luna.
(35) The first section of the walk across rugged headlands topped by trees takes us to Cala Fuili where there is a nice beach and rock climbers are on the cliffs.
(36) This goat hoovered up multiple apple cores, a banana skin and most of a pizza left over from yesterday's evening meal. Rich pickings for the well informed local fauna.
(37) A view down on the beach as we start the last leg along the road to Cala Gonone.
(38) After a second swim, this one at Cala Gonone, I joined up with some of the others at the same cafe we were in on Wednesday. The local beer, Ichnusa, is very drinkable. I will look out for it back in England.
(39) Saturday [Departure day]
For geek consumption. A Meridiana MD-80 at Olbia Airport.
(40) Homeward bound on an Airbus A319 Easyjet. I picked up the car at Gatwick and was home by about 6:10 pm.
(41) Our group totalled just 13, including our leader, Albert.
Here we are al together at the Giants Tomb on the sightseeing day.

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