North-eastern Sicily - Oct 2012

Inntravel - a week of self guided walking from the mountainous interior to the north coast.


Photo Gallery

(1) A view over rooftops in Petralia Soprana (Day 1)
(2) The church of Santa Maria which is at the highest point in Petralia).
(3) The 14th century cathedral church from the Piazza Duomo.
(4) The roman built stone bridge 'Ponte di San Brancato' as we leave Petralia for good (Day 2).
(5) Spectacular geology with the distinctive light rocks of the Rocca di Sant' Otiero.
(6) Heading uphill towards the ridge at Portella de Mele.
(7) A closer encounter with the rock in my photo 5.
(8) A view of the bare sand coloured mountain Monte Ferro (1906m) taken from my Hotel Pomieri room (Day 2).
(9) Road viaducts with the hotel at centre right near the middle bend (Day 3).
(10) Looking at the northern side of the spectacular Vallone degli Angeli, a circular walk.
(11) Another view looking west down the valley.
(12) A limestone crag overlooking the dry valley.
(13) Now on the north side of the valley where the track is wider.
(14) Pizzo Canna (1429m) looking north as we head back towards Pomieri.
(15) Monte Daino (1786m) which we passed twice on the walk (Day 3).
(16) Crossing a valley east of Ferro as we begin the longest walk (12 miles) (Day 4).
(17) Our first view of the town of Castelbuono as we head through pretty national park scenery.
(18) The iron cross at the peak of Cozzo Luminario at 1512 metres.
(19) There are a few old and massive trees in this area - this oak tree is 800 years old.
(20) Approaching the pretty town of Castelbuono from the south (Day 5).
(21) The Ventimiglia castle which dominates the town.
(22) The impressive double road bridge which carries the autostrada from the east into Cefalu.
(23) A cloud formation over Santa Anastasia, the last hotel on the route.
(24) A view of Cefalu from the huge rock (La Rocca) which dominates the town
(Day 6).
(25) The author as he stands triumphantly (and pondering a cold beer down in the town) at the walls of the Byzantine castle on La Rocca.
(26) The cathedral (Byzantine, Arab and Norman influences) on the Piazza Margherita (piazza not pizza).
(27) Maybe a scene from 'Inspector Montalbano' with the sea (Mar Tirreno) marking the end of our epic journey (Day 6).

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