Ölü Deniz, Lycian Coast, Turkey

HF Holidays - a week in June 2014 based at the Montana Pines Resort, set around the lower slopes of the mountain Baba Dag.


Photo Gallery

(1) Looking down at Ölü Deniz from the top of the mountain (Babadag) (Day 1)
(2) Another view of the foothills from Babadag, which rises to 1969 metres.
(3) Some daisy-like flowers.
(4) The descent along tracks amongst the pines and limestone scenery.
(5) Day two (Wednesday) with a view over the coastal town of Kabak on our way to the start of the day's walk.
(6) Remains of a Roman aqueduct where we had lunch on the harder walk.
(7) Part of the ancient city of Patara which was the capital of Lycia. Some of this large site is still being restored.
(8) On day 3 we did a walk down and around the edge of a dry gorge to the beach you can see in this picture.
(9) A boulder field we encountered on our descent. One of our group had a nasty fall at this very place and had to be patched up before we continued down to the beach.
(10) The cafe above the valley where we had pancakes for lunch made one by one by two old ladies.
(11) Another view showing the gorge and mountains near the cafe.
(12) Another limestone crag towering above us.
(13) After the breath-taking ascent in a 4 x 4 minibus from the beach back up to the high road, we stopped for refreshments at this other place.
(14) Day 4 (Friday) and we took a boat trip out from the town of Fethiye around the nearby coastline.
(15) Another boat, one of several we were around during the day. That sea doesn't half look nice for a swim!
(16) The skipper moored us here and we had a barbeque lunch and a swim. I went in a total of 4 times during the trip.
(17) All good things come to an end and we head back through the shallows and reed beds back to the place where the cruise boats live.
(18) Day 5 and after a walk and nice traditional meze lunch we continued through an abandoned Greek village called Kayaköy, which the Turks didn't want to live in after a population swap.
(19) Here I am, just to prove I was there, fit and healthy above the turquoise coast.
(20) An idyllic setting, the reason why people come to this part of Turkey.
(21) This picture could make a nice screen-saver!
(22) Down at sea-level. This could almost be a scene from the Lake District.
(23) The final day (Sunday) and today's walk will end with a long gentle descent into the town of Ölü Deniz. Here is another typical view of the terrain.
(24) More rugged limestone crags.
(25) A view of the iconic beach and rugged coastline at Ölü Deniz.
(26) Coming down. Paragliders were landing behind the beach all day, too small to see in the photo.
(27) The last part of the descent, sadly the last day as tomorrow we go home.
(28) This is the town behind the beach. We didn't spend very much time there during the week - the surroundings were much prettier.

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